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  1. Stephanie

    It was a pleasure to meet tonight at the PiL show!!! Johnny sounded friggin amazing!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the after interview you do with him, just read the one you did whilst he was in NY – nice job!! I didn’t know he had written a book and I’m excited to find and devour it!

    Thanks again for agreeing to send me a couple photos. Lemme know if you need the number again – or I suppose you can use the email if you’d like.

    Maybe we’ll see ya at a show again soon!

  2. Marie

    Hi Scott, Just read your article on Erykah Badu’s concert at Humphrey’s on nbcsandiego.com. Thank you for a refreshingly written article. I had to send you a note since, while I love attending live shows in San Diego, the articles written about them tend to be horribly written by authors who have no problem showcasing their elitist ideals. Thanks again.


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